Background: Born and raised in the Bronx, Antoinette (or Rangel to Coach Marcus and friends) is a proud Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Italian American. She started working out in earnest in high school when she joined a local gym and she would go at night while her parents used the facility's hot tub. 

Antoinette's passion for fitness grew at Middlebury College as a starting rugby player for all four years. 

Post-college, Antoinette moved to Washington, DC where a six year stint in the Obama White House and Georgetown Law’s part-time program turned her into a morning gym person. Now an attorney, Antoinette is currently clerking for a federal judge in New York.

When Antoinette isn’t working out: Antoinette loves hanging out with her family, in particular her sassy 95 year old grandmother. Once almost exclusively a moscato or red wine drinker, Antoinette has spent recent Sundays enjoying Tail Up Goat's virtual wine school, which has broadened her palate with grapes from all over the world. 

Why I enjoy RDY? RDY saved Antoinette during “the q” (how she refers to the quarantine): "Not only are RDY classes a killer workout, but you can shed the world around you by getting in an amazing sweat and laughing while doing it."

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