Background: Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Asma relocated to DC about 9 years ago, and is currently an epidemiologist at a federal agency. Her academic background has been a little all over the place and included stints studying turtles and parasitic isopods before settling into public health. 

When Asma isn’t working out: In her non-workout time Asma loves going on hikes and travelling (mostly pre-COVID-19, alas). She has also been taking Japanese classes the past few years, and hopes to be fluent one day!  

 Why I enjoy RDY? “I met Marcus through OTF West End and found RDY Fitness to be a real lifesaver when the pandemic began and going to indoor workout classes was no longer an option. RDY Fitness has definitely helped keep my (socially distant) sanity during these strange times.”

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