Background: Margot is originally from Denver, CO and moved to DC in 2018 for medical school. An interesting fact about Margot is that she was a music major in college and sang opera - she has been involved with choirs in the DC area before COVID and loves to sing.

When Margot isn’t working out: When I am not working out I am usually busy with school, and I love to spend quality time with friends and family and do things like cooking, baking, eating at new restaurants and exploring the DC area. 

Why I enjoy RDY? “I love RDY because it keeps me motivated and accountable and it has been so convenient to be able to do workouts from home with my busy schedule. Also during the pandemic it has been so nice to have a fun and challenging workout that is also safe and socially distanced - I have also been able to do workouts with my family even when they live in a different state! I feel like I have become stronger and been in better shape doing RDY workouts.”

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