Background: I was born and raised in Northern Virginia (whattup Fairfax County!). I am a first generation Iranian-American, I speak fluent Persian (Farsi), and am very proud of my culture. I've been an avid worker-outer since college, basically when I realized I couldn't continue eating Wendy's #6 with honey mustard (IYKYK) + frosty without some weight consequences. As a college student, I worked out to stay "thin" & so that I could consume fattening foods (and alcoholic beverages). Once I matured, I looked at exercise differently, and I worked out to feel stronger, more energized and happy (those endorphins are a must).

When Niloo isn’t working out: Outside of working out, I love enjoying nature, especially being near any body of water. I am an amateur astronomy & geology nerd, and am usually staring at the sky anytime I'm outside. It's just so amazing! Before COVID, I was always looking to my next travel adventure, and have done multiple SOLO International trips. I love exploring new places and cultures, even if locally. I am extremely family oriented and spend as much time as possible with my parents, who live about an hour from me in Virginia. I love cooking and baking (starting a business venture very soon!) using healthier, clean(ish) ingredients. So i spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Why I enjoy RDY? During quarantine, I started doing virtual workouts w/Marcus at CutSeven, and as soon as he started RDY, I moved over there to take his classes. His virtual workouts are helping me get through these weird and scary times. Not only are his workouts HARD AF (no breaks!), but they're also fun and super energizing (idk how he does it!). He makes you laugh during class, so you don't take things too seriously but you're also pushing yourself further than your comfort zone... which I love. He's encouraging in a way that gets through to someone like me who is competitive with themself. THANKS FOR YOUR GüdAssNRG, RDY!

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