"work hard, stay consistent, and be patient"

  • About Brit

    Brittany Jurcak is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, & NPC Bikini Competitor! Her passion is building a training & nutriton program that works with YOUR lifestyle. Her passion for fitness & nutrition began while she was attending school at JMU. During the first 2 years, she incorporated fitness into her daily routine with Crossfit, tennis, weight lifting & group fitness classes. She obtained her Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification from NASM, taken on a Head Coaching role, competed in 2 bodybuilding shows, and has helped clients transform their bodies with a flexible & sustainable approach.

  • Methodology

    She’s worked with clients of varying fitness levels and knows there’s no cookie cutter way to lasting results. She pushes people through strength training and conditioning focused workouts, tapping into potential they didn’t know they had in them. Results take time and Brittany takes the journey with you each step of the way. When you think you’re done, there‘a always 2 more reps to go. 

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