"You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your body"

  • About Kasia

    Kasia entered into the health and wellness space ten years ago when she got fed up with her poor health habits and severe back pain. This fueled her in-depth study of yoga, strength training and mobility. Once she began her personal fitness journey she gained confidence and developed a deep sense of gratitude toward her body. She loves movement of all kinds, and offers a fun and challenging class that emphasizes the importance of breath and body awareness. Kasia's training experience has been formed by multiple disciplines. From yoga to HIIT, strength training to mobility; she continues to study them all. 

  • Why do your CARs Daily?

    Joint health screening. Expands range of motion. Decreases Fibrosis. Increases blood flow & decreases inflammation. Creates more movement options. Bridges the gap: Regardless of your activities there are ranges of motion that often get overlooked. CARs are a way to make sure you're using all of your ranges.

  • Methods + Beliefs

    As a former Sports Conditioning coach in Washington, D.C., Kasia's #1 focus was delivering results, quick. But she knew that a client's true lasting performance would only be as strong his or her weak points. She introduced a solution: pairing the strength & conditioning program with mobility training designed to build joint capacity and create new space for strength to be built! 

    Kasia believes that the longest relationship you'll ever have is the one with yourself. "You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your body. One where you challenge, nourish, recover, and subsequently adapt your body to progressive demands. One where you partner with your body and as a result, your body works with you, really thrives for years to come." 

  • Coaching Style

    She believes everyone can and should be empowered to own and understand their bodies through movement. Her coaching style is ambitious yet supportive. She actively works each class to adjust intensity for all levels. She is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), Functional Range Assessment (FRA), and last but not least, KINSTRETCH® Certified.

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