"live a life full of happiness and heavy weights"

  • About Katie

    Introduced to sports at a young age, Katie developed an early appreciation for health and fitness that has fueled her fire for strength and conditioning. As a former athlete, Katie has always found her strongest sense of community in her coaches, teammates and mentors. She thrives off of challenging others to become a stronger, more confident version of themselves.

  • Education

    She evolved her career as a multi-sport athlete into a lifetime strength coach and personal trainer, studying under Mike Boyle and receiving her Masters Degree in Exercise Science from George Washington University, where she coached collegiate women’s basketball and crew.

  • Career

    For the last three years, she worked to mentor top boutique fitness coaches in DC, programmed for large groups in both indoor and outdoor spaces (Union Market, DC Brau, Cut Seven) and developed a team of athletes energized by her dedication to them. Now, she brings that experience to the RDY community with a slew of unique classes, bootcamps and small group intensives. 

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