"You aren’t your thoughts, limits, fears or desires; you are what you do"

  • About Marcus

    Fitness was always a part of life. After playing college basketball, he traded in passion for a paycheck, working as an IT analyst by day, coaching at night, and doing pull-ups with janitors over the lunch hour. When his first personal training client lost 100 pounds, he realized the rewarding life waiting for him outside corporate.  Marcus is one of the Co-Founders of RDY Fitness.

  • Methodlogy

    Marcus created the methodology that a person's mental, physical and emotional health are all intertwined. Realizing the full potential of your life requires you to have a healthy relationship with all three components. He created the "GAINZIN" movement which is centered around the idea of creating a community of individuals focused on improving themselves mentally, physically and emotionally in an effort to realize the highest version of their being. 

  • Approach

    Your biggest competition is yourself—if you think you can do it, you can. Keep chipping away at it, one rep or step at a time. You can have pain of effort or pain of regret—pick which one you want. 

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