"i am strong enough to break through limits, & i will work until i rise above to greatness"

  • About Myke

    Myke is a NESTA PFT, NASM CPT, & MMACA certified “MuscleHead” who has invested 13 years so far in the promotion of Health & Fitness. His vision is to be inspire anybody to love who they are right now as they work to become a stronger, sexier, better version of themselves. In order to accomplish this, Myke’s actions as a coach are designing strength & conditioning programs that challenge the physical being while positively coaching to the mental being. A self-taught artist, Myke believes in the power of creation and using fitness as the vehicle, he wants to help create bad ass strong humans with open hearts aka Super Heroes. Lastly, as a proud hubby and daddy, Myke believes one must be strong enough to protect who he loves, and fit enough to enjoy life.

  • Myke's Fitness Story

    Since childhood, Myke has enjoyed an active lifestyle whether it was live-action Dragonball Z demonstrations with his cousins, pickup basketball games with his neighborhood friends or any sporting activity he could get involved in at school. However, he didn’t take fitness seriously until high school when it became an escape from bullying for him. The bullying Myke endured led him to become suicidal, depressed and passive-aggressive. He then began working out and “fighting” against the weights in the gym became his escape, his way out from the bullying. He transitioned from “Nicholson” into “MuscleHead Myke” and the bullying stopped doing once his peers saw his work ethic in both school and the gym. This led him to find a new sense of self-respect.

  • Coaching Style

    When asked what his favorite part of teaching was he responded with “…well teaching!” He enjoys designing workouts that challenge members both mentally and physically almost as much as he enjoys working with them through it. Coaching others to improving their health is rewarding, not because it makes him feel better but because he enjoys making others smile and feel stronger and sexier in their skin. 

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